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A Moroccan day spa that offers sensational massages

Sublime massage at an insider’s Marrakech spa

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A Moroccan day spa that offers sensational massages

April 25 2010
Karen Wheeler

I’ve visited many spas around the world in the line of duty as a beauty writer (well, someone has to do it), but I had never heard of Les Bains de Marrakech until I went on holiday to Morocco with some friends and one of our number had booked us, en masse, into this Moorish-style day spa.

Les Bains offers an incredible menu of treatments – everything from hammam to manicures to all manner of exotic body wraps – but I opted for a simple relaxing massage using argan oil, which is very popular in Morocco and has conspicuous benefits for the skin and joints. It was one of the best massages I have ever had (and all for just 350 Moroccan dirham, or approx £27). Also recommended is Gommage Traditionnel, an invigorating and exfoliating scrubdown with black soap and eucalyptus. After our treatment, we relaxed around the pool in the open-air courtyard.

One word of advice: beware of the hot baths with essential oils – they are very hot indeed. They sound lovely and several of my friends signed up for one, but they emerged from the treatment looking as pink as pomegranates.

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