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Sometimes it’s the simple things that work best

An old-fashioned hand cream from a niche New York brand

Sometimes it’s the simple things that work best

April 17 2010
Sibéal Pounder

While multi-million-pound cosmetics companies trumpet their wonder creams, I’ve often thought there’s something to be said for the small, independent brands that dare to do things the simple, old-fashioned way.

My favourite little beauty brand, especially when it comes to hand creams, is Lollia. I’ve had a tube of its Breathe peony and white lily shea butter cream in my make-up bag ever since I discovered Lollia at, oddly, my favourite bakery in New York – Three Tarts. I subsequently found it impossible to find elsewhere and had to rely on friends in New York who were regular visitors to Three Tarts to post me more when supplies ran out. Now, though, I’ve found that it’s stocked by Anthropologie – the wonder-store that recently made the hop across the Atlantic to become an eclectic haven on London’s Regent Street.

Lollia’s hand creams, with their simple ingredients such as vanilla bean, coconut milk and silky shea butter, moisturise better than any cream I’ve used. And they leave my hands smelling of their delightful floral fragrances. As well as the peony and white lily, I love Mint Julep – a nutty blend of macadamia and avocado oil, with a hint of crushed mint (though this is not available from Anthropologie).

The brand’s simplicity does not stretch to its packaging, a somewhat fussy, flowery design by the renowned packaging guru, and owner of Lollia, Margot Elena. But, for me, it’s what’s inside that matters.

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