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A secret weapon to ease ‘laptop shoulder’

A menthol-scented splodge gets to work almost immediately

A secret weapon to ease ‘laptop shoulder’

April 10 2010
Julian Allason

I have never been one for magic potions, but sometimes one has to make an exception. After several disappointments, a solution to “laptop shoulder” has won its place in my travel washbag. Elixea’s Tension Balm actually works; heaven knows how. Evening primrose, peppermint, melissa oil and feverfew are among a lengthy list of ingredients. A menthol scented splodge rubbed into the shoulders gets to work almost immediately, soothing and easing the knots tied by air travel and too many hours spent at the laptop. And it actually smells nice enough to win a nuzzle from the woman in my life.

Tension Balm is one of a range of natural products from Elixea, a Vancouver-based firm with a considerable following thereabouts but relatively little known here. The Balm is the secret weapon of sports physios who massage it in to soften up particularly tough cases. I use it sparingly, as a 50ml dispenser costs £31.95, but the results are remarkable. Just be sure to keep it off your face as the consequence is an uncomfortably powerful tingle.