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A sublime cream eyeshadow

It almost glides out of the little pot and applies itself

A sublime cream eyeshadow

March 26 2010
Karen Wheeler

It’s disconcerting to find that a beauty product that you love has been discontinued. This seems to happen to me quite often – the most recent example being a favourite Chanel cream eyeshadow.

In the quest to replace it, I discovered that cream eyeshadows are very hard to find, despite the fact that they are more flattering, less ageing and much easier to blend than powder versions. So I was delighted to discover something even better than my defunct Chanel product: Bobbi Brown’s award-winning Long-Wear Cream Shadow (£16). It’s a sublime formulation, highly pigmented with a velvet finish, and, thanks to some clever breathable polymer technology, it holds fast and doesn’t crease or settle into little rivulets on your eyelids.

For best results you’re supposed to use a brush to apply it, but I dab it on with my fingers and, with minimum effort, still manage to achieve an (almost) professional effect. So brilliant is the formulation that it practically glides out of the little glass pot and applies itself.

I bought the Galaxy shade – described as “deep silver” but actually featuring minky-taupe tones – and I love it with a passion bordering on the irrational. To the uninitiated, it’s just another pot of colour, but never have I spent £16 to such pleasing effect. I have since acquired Starry Purple (surprisingly wearable) from the newer metallic range. Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadows were introduced last October and feature the same formulation but with added shimmer. Black Pearl (silver grey with a hint of mauve) and Brown Metal are next on my list. And naturally I’m planning to stockpile Galaxy in case it is ever discontinued.

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