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Seduced by the waft of heavenly herbal scents

It’s the bath milk of human kindness

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Seduced by the waft of heavenly herbal scents

March 18 2010
Vivienne Becker

For Mother’s Day this year, my 17-year-old daughter bought me my favourite bath product: High Anxiety Bath Milk, appropriate since much of the high anxiety comes from having a teenage daughter in the first place.

It is one of several favourites from Verde, a small company selling essential oils and therapeutic face and body products made from plants and organic oils. I discovered Verde some years ago on an “inspiration” walk (or blank-page syndrome walk) up the hill to Hampstead Village. Passing JM Pennifeather in Flask Walk, the fountain pen shop that also stocks Verde products, I was drawn inside by wafts of heavenly herbal scents and the irresistible apothecary-like rows of bottles and jars.

The packaging is basic, and don’t be put off by the website, which does no justice to the superb preparations. Bath Milks in interesting blends (I also love Himalayan Sunrise, £12) emulsify perfectly when they hit the water; High Anxiety (£12) soothes even a hardened insomniac like me. I’ve also found that the Rejuvenating Phytocream (£16.50) is excellent, while the Rejuvenating Exquisite Vitamin E Skin Oil (£12.50) is, well, exquisite.

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