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The search for the perfect mascara is over

It’s bye bye, panda eyes – the ideal mascara is here

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The search for the perfect mascara is over

March 13 2010
Nicola Copping

If you were sent to a desert island and could only take one beauty product with you, what would it be? That’s easy for me: mascara. Forget the wheel; this is the best thing the human race has ever created.

It is, therefore, of constant bemusement to me how something so simple, something so vital to female beauty, can be done so badly by so many cosmetics companies. In just the past month I have tried three different mascaras and been thoroughly disappointed by each one. The first refuses to stay put, leaving a nasty smudge of black underneath my eyes at the end of the day; the second is so delicate that it makes very little impact, save several painstaking applications; and the third, promising a brand new high-tech wand, leaves so much black gunk on my lower lashes that I look like Mary Quant’s disturbed twin.

To save others the time-wasting and disappointment I have thus far endured, I can recommend one brand for the perfect mascara: Clinique. “Thermal sensitive technology” may sound like gobbledygook but it has allowed for the creation of the best mascara I have ever used.

Originally created for the Asian market to meet the demand for something that stays put in high humidity, the technology proved such a hit that it was brought to the UK and forms the basis of the Lash Power and High Impact Curling mascaras. Like a waterproof mascara but easier to wash off, it stays put all day long, has just the right consistency to give enough definition without veering into Alice Cooper territory, neither flakes nor clumps, and resists any smudging caused by sweat, tears, humidity or rain. Bye bye panda eyes...

Lash Power mascara and High Impact Curling mascara, both £14.50.

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