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GHD Pink Limited Edition IV styler

This hair styler from the brand leader should generate substantial sums for charity

GHD Pink Limited Edition IV styler

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 19 2009
Jonathan Margolis

Here’s a surprising thing my daughter discovered while she was shopping online for hair-straightening irons by GHD, the UK-based brand leader: GHDs are among the most pirated products on the internet. What’s more, some of the fake GHD sites selling fake GHD straightening irons are worryingly plausible. If you’re sufficiently sceptical, you’ll spot the signs of fraud – strange English, lack of contact address for the vendor and an address for GHD in some provincial town in China rather than in Silsden, West Yorkshire.

The real GHD, whose stylers are so trusted and desired, doesn’t have a lot it can do by way of perfecting its already (so I am repeatedly told) perfect product. So it refreshes its range by way of limited editions. And this brand-new pink Breakthrough Breast Cancer limited edition with matching pink plates is clearly going to be the one to have for the next little while. It comes with a pack of GHD styling accessories, a pink tote bag, a pink heat-resistant styler pouch, a pink hairbrush and two pink section clips. And a healthy £10 from each sale will go to the charity.

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