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Can an electronic device really reduce blood pressure?


February 10 2010
Jonathan Margolis

If losing weight while sleeping and sitting at your desk isn’t enough of a free lunch for you (see Ki Fit), how about the prospect of lowering your blood pressure by use of an electronic device, with nary a beta blocker to swallow or a drug side-effect to experience?

RESPeRATE Ultra is an update of an Israeli device launched in the UK last year. The new model is half the size of the original, but with a bigger display, an improved breathing sensor that can be used over clothing – and an inbuilt audio tutorial to make learning to use the system easy.

RESPeRATE teaches you to lower excess blood pressure by use of breathing and relaxation. Fifteen minutes’ use three times a week could, if the system suits you, help you drop your top figure by up to 30, and your all-important bottom figure by 20.

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