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Ki Fit

Calories in, calories out: suddenly it’s all terribly simple

Ki Fit

February 08 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Is it possible that you could lose weight while working at your desk, wandering around the office and doing a relatively stately commute? Well, according to this rather remarkable new device from the US, yes, in certain circumstances.

The Ki Fit is an armband-worn monitor which measures how many calories you are burning at all times (except when you are in the shower or swimming – it’s not waterproof). The monitor works in concert with an interactive website, into which you enter your food intake. It then gauges your calorie consumption, combines both datastreams and comes up with conclusions.

These can be surprising: in 24-hour periods when I haven’t done much – slept for six to eight hours, walked a mile or so, been up and down stairs 20 or 30 times, worked at my desk and driven the car a bit – I have sometimes found that I’ve consumed considerably fewer calories than I’ve burned. Bingo. It is physically impossible, if one were to keep this up day after day, not to lose weight, even if you are at that age when doing so is bloomin’ hard.

What the Ki Fit system does brilliantly is to make you feel in control, diet and exercise-wise. When you see your day’s calories in-and-out account on a sort of online graphical spreadsheet, it’s as empowering as some might find putting your household income and expenditure into Excel. There’s an optional watch-sized monitor that communicates wirelessly with the armband, which you can carry with you to see minute-by-minute how you’re doing. It suits me better to plug the armband into my laptop USB port once or twice a day to see the day’s results.

Can you lose weight with Ki Fit? Absolutely. I haven’t, but it’s very well worth giving it a spin. I like it a lot.

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