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The beauty treatment that offers two hours of pure escapism

It’s bliss to emerge from this salon with a dewy afterglow

The beauty treatment that offers two hours of pure escapism

January 30 2010
Vivienne Becker

Sidling up alongside my passion for jewellery is my fascination with health and beauty, with lotions, potions and treatments; I love the minutiae, the pamphlets, the science bits. Because it works miraculously for me, I’m fiercely loyal to René Guinot skincare, their signature Hydradermie facial, developed in the 1960s, using a galvanic high-frequency current and their complex cosmeceutical products.

At the London flagship, I indulge (not often enough) in the escapist two-hour treatment specially adapted by legendary facialist and Guinot guru Arsho Grimwood. To the Hydradermie, she adds an exfoliation using fruit enzymes, amino acids and vitamins, eye treatment and divine massage, and skilfully prescribes an elaborate ritualistic rotation of creams and serum.

It’s a bit of an investment, in both time and money, but it’s worth it for Arsho’s incomparable handiwork, her knowledge, experience and wisdom, and for the long-term results. Bliss is driving home with Arsho’s dewy afterglow and a red bag full of Guinot goodies.

Arsho’s exclusive two-hour appointment costs £195.

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