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Pro Defender Series Golf

This golfing gadget has a usefulness beyond the greens and the fairways

Pro Defender Series Golf

Image: Hugh Threlfall

November 08 2009
Jonathan Margolis

This British-made product has been toast of the golf press this past summer. What nobody has exploited, however, is that the Pro Defender Series Golf – to wit, a black plastic golf ball and a large key-fob-sized piece of plastic, designed to keep people’s thieving hands off your golf bag – is perfect for keeping people’s thieving hands off any other kind of bag.

The Pro Defender Series Golf is pretty shoddily made, but you won’t exactly be showing it off – and it works just fine. It uses motion sensing in the ball bit to detect if your bag has been moved. If this happens, the ball emits a reedy but irritating and audible bleeping. But the disturbed ball also radios the key fob bit, which is theoretically in your pocket, making it vibrate. This system works at up to 50m distance, but is more reliable within 25m or so. It is a bit of a large hammer to crack a not enormous nut, but if you are truly troubled by bag tampering, real or imagined, it could be the gadget for you.

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