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How to make your round of golf a wee bit more comfortable


Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 06 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Well, I do sometimes feature odd products in this column and this, I believe, may be the oddest of all time. Strangely, it’s not meant to be that weird. Designed by a US urologist, it is a hollow golf club designed to keep you, as they so tweely, but cleverly, put it, “out of the woods”.

Now I know very little about golf, but I gather that on-course micturition is a bit of an issue, especially for gents of my vintage. The UroClub even comes with a bizarre pinafore thing so the caught-short golfer can void into his club with a semblance of privacy. It lends the contraption a Freemason-ish look I’m not personally desperate to own, but what do I know?

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