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Gardening gloves with very fashionable roots

Planting and pruning is a pleasure with these gloves

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Gardening gloves with very fashionable roots

February 25 2011
Karen Wheeler

Sadly, I don’t have particularly green fingers, as the profusion of brittle twigs and moribund plants in my courtyard garden currently bears witness. Instead, every spring, I head to the nearest garden centre and buy a selection of shrubs in full bloom and then drop them into terracotta pots.

Keeping them alive is another story. I just don’t have much patience for planting and pruning. But last weekend a friend came to stay, bearing a pair of Celia Birtwell gardening gloves (first picture, £9.15) as a gift. Made from 100 per cent cotton and featuring the textile designer’s vintage Pretty Woman print, they have apparently been tried and tested by Celia herself. They are certainly a vast improvement on the rubbery green gardening gloves that I previously owned (and almost never used).

If anything is going to persuade me to pick up the secateurs – and incidentally, Celia does a matching pair (second picture, £15.30) in the same pattern – it is these adorable gloves.

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