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BioSpace InBody R20 Analyser

“Bathroom scale” is something of an understatement to describe this sophisticated piece of equipment

BioSpace InBody R20 Analyser

January 07 2010
Jonathan Margolis

If you can have probably the world’s most expensive headphones (see previous item on Ultrasone headphones), then why shouldn’t you also have what must surely be the world’s most expensive bathroom scales? Although to be fair, calling Biospace’s InBody R20 Analyser “bathroom scales” is a bit of an understatement.

Just take a look at those Tetra polar eight-point tactile electrodes. They don’t just weigh you; they measure your body fat mass (so the box says), percentage body fat, skeletal muscle mass, BMI, basal metabolic rate, total body water, fat-free mass, waist-hip ratio, muscle control, segmental lean distribution (ie, where your lean bits are) and segmental fat distribution (ditto where your fat lives).

The data is transferred from the “scales” by USB connection. According to my go on the machine, I am carrying at least 10kg of excess fat, which proves, of course, that it doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Oh, all right, it does. Impressive kit, actually.

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