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Diver’s pad

No need to get in a lather when inspiration strikes in the shower

Diver’s pad

Image: Hugh Threlfall

December 31 2009
Jonathan Margolis

While a lot of successful people keep a notepad, or even a digital recorder, on their bedside table, I’d never found a way of committing the killer idea to posterity when it hits mid-shower. Then a scuba-diving friend mentioned waterproof writing pads that divers carry to convey messages to one another. I was reminded of this recently when I was caught in a monsoon-like shower while coincidentally passing Mike’s Dive Store in Chiswick.

I asked if there was really such a thing as underwater writing pads. The chaps produced this, an official dive instructor’s pad, complete with a specially made underwater pencil, all the product of Lumb Bros, diving accessory systems specialists of Moston, Manchester.

And it chuffin’ well works, loov. A Lumb Bros diver’s pad now hangs in my shower on permanent standby. Needless to say, I haven’t had a decent shower business idea since it’s been there, but you might.

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