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Gee-Swing golfing aid

Clamp this mini-computer to your driver to gain crucial extra yards

Gee-Swing golfing aid

Image: Hugh Threlfall

March 09 2012
Jonathan Margolis

I once suggested to an angler friend that he buy a fish-finding radar. He was scandalised by the idea of using technology to replace experience and instinct. It was my friend’s response I thought of when this British golfing aid, the Gee-Swing, arrived in the post. As I asked Dave Hicks, the inventor of the Got The Vibe putting enhancer in a recent Technopolis TV video, aren’t high-tech aids just cheating?

The answer, apparently, is that unlike, say, performance-enhancing drugs, a little gadgety helper is just fine in golf. And the Gee-Swing is a very clever helper. A mini-computer that clamps to your driver (a putter version is being developed), it takes a million measurements per second to track the crucial speed of the swing right up to when club head meets ball. Slowing down the swing before impact is said to be a major problem for players of all levels. So, using the Gee-Swing, it’s possible to self-correct and gain those crucial extra yards.

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