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Zaggfolio iPad 2 Keyboard Case

It’s durable, light, thoughtfully designed – and tough as heck

Zaggfolio iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Image: Hugh Threlfall

February 09 2012
Jonathan Margolis

I introduced you to the excellent Zaggmate iPad keyboard and case combo last June. This is its iPad2 successor, the Zaggfolio, and it’s even better, the maker having ironed out pretty well all the slight defects in the original design.

The carbon-fibre Zaggfolio is tough as heck, durable, light and thoughtfully designed. In fact, it’s by a distance the best way I’ve found – after trekking round the trade shows – of turning your iPad2 into a superb all-purpose work and play machine, ideal for business trips. The keyboard is great and – such an important thing, this – easy on the eye. And the Zaggfolio protects the always delicate iPad from shocks, drops and scrapes.

OK, the point has been made by some who’ve seen me with it that, once the iPad2 is in its Zaggfolio, it’s nearly as big and bulky as an old-fashioned (ie, 2010) netbook. Yeah, but… you can also slip the iPad2 out and have it be an iPad again. I tell you, if the next Zagg had one more thing – a lit keyboard for inflight use – I think that would be the point I finally start leaving the MacBook at home.