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Kitsch ’n Fun motorised spaghetti fork

Spaghetti is a doddle with this fun fork

Kitsch ’n Fun motorised spaghetti fork

Image: Hugh Threlfall

January 16 2012
Jonathan Margolis

I must have been to Italy a hundred times, but I was unaware until I read in a style guide helpfully left in a smart Milan hotel room that spinning one’s spaghetti into a spoon is considered rude there. I can’t say I’ve ever done the spoon thing, but I actually thought it was my rather messy, sucky fork-only spaghetti action that was on the rude side. I might be a better spaghetti eater if I’d had one of these splendid motorised spinning forks when I was a little ’un. A noisy gadget – it may drive parents nuts – but a great distraction method of getting fussy small diners to sup up.