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Skyguard SEND4HELP International

Press the emergency button, and help will be at hand

Skyguard SEND4HELP International

Image: Hugh Threlfall

January 15 2012
Jonathan Margolis

Last year, for Technopolis TV, I trialled a device called the Track24 PackMaster, an automatic satellite-tracking device to help keep exact geographical tabs on anyone from gap-year students to people working in high-risk areas. One of its features was an emergency “get help” button.

This simpler, new British product, Send4Help, from Skyguard, is just an all-purpose emergency button, aimed at business travellers and tourists. While it won’t be much use in the middle of the Sahara or the Amazon Basin, as it doesn’t have satellite phone, it has coverage wherever there is a mobile-phone signal in 34 European countries, plus the Russian Federation and South Africa. It is also available as a BlackBerry app.

Press the help button (or the convenience sidekey on a BlackBerry) when you’re in any kind of trouble (from a communication problem to something more serious) and you will be connected to Skyguard’s emergency centre in the UK. Operators will be able to see exactly where you are, discreetly assess your needs (the fob works as a tiny mobile phone) and talk back to you, if the situation allows – or alert local police, paramedics or fire units to get to you pronto, schnell, rapidement, hizla (that’s Turkish), and so on.

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