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Dyson Hot

The heater that’s bound to win fans for its efficiency

Dyson Hot

January 08 2012
Jonathan Margolis

The humble electric heater can be a lifesaver when central- heating systems break down, as they like to at this time of year. We’ve had boiler disasters on two Christmas Days and one New Year’s Eve within living memory (plus a December 25 oven breakdown it’s too painful to recall – ever had boiled turkey?).

Each time there’s a boiler catastrophe, the cry goes up for electric heaters, and the cranky, dust-smelling old things are called into service from remote corners of the house, like a sort of decrepit Dad’s Army, courtesy of Robert Dyas. Well no longer. For the price of a mere, ahem, 18 fan heaters from the likes of Argos, you can have a stupendously good one from the mighty James Dyson.

The Dyson Hot is a 2kW hot-air-spouting version of his world-beating bladeless Air Multiplier fans. It heats up a room in seconds and does so evenly. It’s also quite economical, thanks to a thermostatic control you can set with a neat remote that clings magnetically to the body. The Dyson Hot is so satisfying you’ll soon be willing your boiler to expire.

Also works as a non-heated fan, of course.

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