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Lacie Rugged Mini

This robust drive offers protection against all kinds of data-loss catastrophes

Lacie Rugged Mini

October 10 2011
Jonathan Margolis

In property, it’s location, location, location; in technology, especially when your business depends on it, the big thing is backup, backup, backup. As I always remind you (I like to prompt your memory backup, you see), it is impossible to be too paranoid when it comes to backup. You have to plan for the most far-fetched catastrophe.

Now, merely dropping your precious backup drive or getting it wet is fairly tame stuff as these things go; my idea of a data-loss disaster is an asteroid crashing in from outer space, hitting my study and taking out both my computer and its external backup drive. (And even this wouldn’t matter if it was a small asteroid, as I happen to have a second backup in the car boot and I e-mail any vital document I’m working on to myself so that it lives on in the “cloud”.)

This beautiful little beast – a new ruggedised, droppable, rain-resistant 500Gb or 1Tb drive from LaCie – is ideal for dumping your data when you’re working remotely. It is also capable of withstanding one tonne of pressure if you are in the habit of jumping on or driving over your data. It’s an excellent – and even good-looking – product.

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