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Bamboo Stylus for iPad

Using this stylus is like having a slim and dainty finger

Bamboo Stylus for iPad

October 08 2011
Jonathan Margolis

If you aren’t drawn to the item covered in yesterday’s Technopolis posting – the Fujitsu Stylistic business tablet, with its stylus and handwriting recognition – you might insist on dragooning your beloved iPad, Samsung Tab or whatever into serving you at work as well as play. So you are stuck with using your finger as a stylus. Not only is this oddly chimpanzee-like, if you think about it for a moment, but it’s also rather imprecise, and can leave your beautiful screen smothered in zoo-like smears.

Wacom is the king of stylus input for PCs and this beautifully made “pen” for the iPad (it will work with most other tablets) is an enjoyable Wacom way to turn your iPad into a sketchpad. Used in conjunction with Wacom’s Bamboo Paper App from the iTunes App Store, it mimics with its rubbery tip not just a finger, but an implausibly slim and dainty finger.

It may sound a little surplus to requirements and is, like any pen, all too easy to lose, but within moments of using the Bamboo Stylus with a tablet in place of the usual clammy digit, you may well find yourself a convert. The feeling for me as I flicked deftly through items on my iPad screen was, oddly, like eating with a fork in place of my hand.