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Proporta USB turbocharger

It’s not exactly sexy, but this charger could help save a deal

Proporta USB turbocharger

Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 06 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Battery life is the irritating, boring-but-important greybeard drone of gadgetry. In an ideal technology life, then, we wouldn’t give a thought to battery life if it detracted from pleasure. But run-down phones continue to be the bane of business life.

I would love to know the cost to the economy of the deals that weren’t done, the connections that weren’t made, because somebody’s phone ran out of juice. The same people would be quite scathing about anyone who let their car run dry of petrol.

Here, then, is another “solution” to the eternal battery problem – a smaller, lighter and cheaper but simpler alternative to PowerTraveller’s MiniGorilla, which I have reviewed here before. The Proporta USB TurboCharger 5000 powers most gadgets (though I would restrict it to the most important: phones) for several charge cycles. It’s convenient, pocketable and has two USB charging ports. It’s not exactly sexy, but it is a potential life- or business-saver.

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