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Capulet cases

These elegant leather cases for iPads and the like are things of beuaty in themelves

Capulet cases

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 15 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Cases for iPads, MacBooks, Kindles and the like are ten a penny these days, which is why I am very choosy when it comes to recommending them to you. Previously, I have extolled the quirky and beautiful British-designed Pipetto range – and now another UK-based brand has appeared, Spanish-made, with a less funky and more classic look, but carried off with equal chic.

Capulet is the brainchild of an Australian couple who design in London and manufacture in an Andalucian village leatherwork factory, which also produces for Balenciaga. They source leathers in Italy and France. Most of the Capulet cases are aimed at women, and very feminine, although there are a few more blokey designs. When I saw a selection of Capulet cases, I singled out a tough brown one to give my iPad 2 protection. But when my womenfolk pored over them, one saw the MacBook Air case and said: “Ooh, doesn’t it make you want to go and buy something to put in it?” Vive la différence.