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Sculpteo figurines

The French firm that’s figured out how to make figurines from photos

Sculpteo figurines

Image: Hugh Threlfall

July 16 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Take a careful look at the slim, grumpy, pugnacious character portrayed in this 7cm-high statuette and compare it to the pudgy, smirking Adonis who presents Technopolis TV on OK, yes, they are one and the same, aka me.

The miniature is made by a Paris company, Sculpteo, as an amusing spinoff from its 3-D printing business. (If you are in product design, you will know that 3-D printing is very hot these days.) To get a tiny 3-D print of yourself cast in an icing-like but surprisingly tough material, just send a couple of photos and payment to Sculpteo and you will be returned to yourself tout de suite. High-calibre gimmickry indeed.

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