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This sleek alarm clock might make waking up a little less of a crime against humanity


November 09 2009
Jonathan Margolis

There’s no known way of making getting up for work these dark November days pleasurable, but this exquisite bauble from Bang & Olufsen could make it marginally less of a crime against humanity.

The BeoTime bedside alarm clock looks like a high-tech flute, and the resemblance isn’t coincidental; it is, according to B&O, “inspired by the conflict between night and day in Mozart’s The Magic Flute”. O…K.

The BeoTime looks as if it should have a radio or MP3 player concealed somewhere about its anodised, polished-aluminium svelteness, but it’s all clock. Well, nearly all; it also works as a remote for Bang & Olufsen gadgets. So you can set the device to pipe you out of bed with its gentle (though not particularly flutey) alarm chime, or programme it to fire up a B&O hi-fi at the appointed hour, or turn on a B&O TV in the morning. The night before, it can also turn the TV off after a set interval if you like to fall asleep sometime after Newsnight.

Unusually, the 170g BeoTime is powered by AA batteries, which is nice as the fewer wires snaking around a bedside the better, I feel. At 39cm, it’s a bit long for many bedside tables, but it can also be hung on a supplied and near-invisible magnetic wall mounting. The clock’s motion, tilt sensors and gentle automatic backlighting ensure that whatever angle it’s at, the readout is readable.

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