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iPhone Jackpot Slots

A brilliant way to waste one’s time amusingly

iPhone Jackpot Slots

Image: Hugh Threlfall

June 20 2011
Jonathan Margolis

I have a predictable relationship with fruit machines. In Las Vegas (never anywhere else) I spend $100 on the slots, build it up to about $500 and lose every cent. Bitterly, I then retreat to the penny slots, where $5 is a major win, just to experience the odd, self-hating buzz of pulling that lever hundreds of times for no reason. At the same time, I have no real idea how the machines work, which loser plan to select and so on. I just pull and hope for the best.

If you have the same, or indeed any, fruit-machine issues, this genius and yet dazzlingly stupid adaptor to turn your iPhone 4 into a slot machine is a must. The response is a little slow, and you obviously can’t win anything, but you can gain credits to spice up your play and avoid work a little longer.

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