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Brasso Gadgetcare

It’s just the stuff to add a gleam to your touch screen

Brasso Gadgetcare

Image: Hugh Threlfall

July 08 2011
Jonathan Margolis

It’s not often that I can say an item is the first new product from a manufacturer for more than a century, but such is the case with this new formulation from Brasso, made for cleaning gadgets. Brasso Gadgetcare is designed for touch screens, and has done better with my MacBook and iPad than any other cleaning gunk I’ve tried. It’s also good on TVs.

Brasso’s biggest customer for its core product is the Ministry of Defence, which has long taken the strategic decision that terrorists and other bad people are scared of brightly polished brass. We will now see if the latter have it in them to face our boys’ brightly polished computer screens.

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