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Dunhill solar charger

A smart solar-powered charger from an estimable brand

Dunhill solar charger

Image: Hugh Threlfall

May 19 2011
Jonathan Margolis

The estimable house of Alfred Dunhill is known more than anything for extremely nice men’s clothing. But, as aficionados will know, the brand was first famous for gadgets, particularly those that pertained a century ago to the new gentleperson’s pastime of travelling by motor car.

So while it may seem an odd thing to buy in a Dunhill store, this flip-open solar charger for mobiles, iPods, e-books etc, is well within the brand’s travel remit. It’s actually a poshed-up variant of the popular Freeloader Pro, which has been charging travellers’ gadgetry by sunlight for a few years.

Being Dunhill, this version is useful and durable but also stylish and pleasurably tactile: a bit of a carbon-fibre effect, lots of brushed aerospace aluminium and a particularly nice leather case. Technically, it’s pretty accomplished, too, and will, from a good session in the sun, provide up to 30 hours of charging time. The charger itself can also be recharged via a computer USB port if sunlight is in short supply, or circumstances dictate that you need to fill it with juice at night.

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