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Dyson DC35

Dyson looks set to clean up with another smart new vacuum cleaner

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Dyson DC35

April 23 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Even if you don’t do the most basic of cleaning chez vous, as in a two-minute vacuum – and I’m guessing this applies to not a few of my readers – it’s still nice to see that whoever is doing it has neat and attractive machinery for the job. I frequently find myself in a nice house or smart office where the cleaning person is using a battered, dirty old Henry (magnificent machines, by the way, but not exactly chic, especially when battle-scarred and looking as if their other job is vacuuming the sewers).

All Dysons look fantastic and (before the world stupidly semi-abandoned space exploration) what was called “space age”. But this new cordless, rechargeable model takes the aesthetic biscuit for me. With its wand-like delicacy and refinement, it is particularly good on hardwood floors – and I know because, unlike you, I’ve been using it.

The DC35, designed and developed in Wiltshire, gives you 15 minutes of sophisticated, upmarket suck on one charge, which is quite enough, thank you, and converts in various ways to become a hand-held for giving the car, duck house, gazebo and so on a quick and efficient once-over.

Funny, isn’t it, how good the Brits are at vacuums? Mental note: must open British vacuum cleaner store called Anglo Suction.

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