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RedEye remote control device

If you’re a remote-control freak, then this is probably the thing for you

RedEye remote control device

April 22 2011
Jonathan Margolis

When does convenience become so complicated that it’s inconvenient? I wonder each time there’s a new method of controlling your home technology, of which RedEye is the latest.

But if you do want to control all your home technology devices that use infrared signals via one machine, and do this from Timbuktu (why?), and don’t want to spend tens of thousands, then RedEye is probably for you.

RedEye sits unobtrusively in a corner within visual range of your entertainment devices, and turns your iWhatever into a remote that operates it by Wi-Fi – so you can change channels on the Sky Plus through walls, from the garden etc, etc. The iPad is the most likely device you will want to use as a master controller – some folks are even selling wall mounts for it, which seems perverse. But RedEye works, and works well – if you have the energy to get into it.

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