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Mophie Juice Pack Air and Exolife

If you’re out and about, be sure that your iPhone is wearing its jacket

Mophie Juice Pack Air and Exolife

April 09 2011
Jonathan Margolis

If you want to use your iPhone 4 for business, you have to think about battery life. One charge is not sufficient for a full day’s work, especially if the iPhone doubles as your in-car or on-train entertainment.

A couple of years ago, in the era of the iPhone 3, I introduced you to a Michigan company, Mophie, which invented a clever jacket for the iPhone that doubled as a protective case and an add-on battery, doubling, more or less, the phone’s use time.

Since then, battery-filled jackets have become quite common, and when I realised I was running my iPhone 4 down before the end of a work-filled day, I wondered what was out there now. I found two especially good products. One is the Exolife by Exogear, which makes your iPhone thicker front to back, but preserves its head-on profile. The Exolife is OK, but a bit flimsy.

The better iPhone 4 case for me, however, is the new one from, well, Mophie (pictured), which invented the genre. It’s beautifully engineered, with a much better feel in the hand than the Exolife – even though it does turn the iPhone into a big, heavy fellow. Buy both and see which you prefer; it’s the kind of accessory you will lose or leave at home continually, so having two isn’t a bad idea.

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