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Ogon RFID card wallet

A clever defence against high-tech ‘pick-pockets’

Ogon RFID card wallet

Image: Hugh Threlfall

March 14 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Hasn’t pickpocketing come up in the world? No more bumping into you, causing a distraction and having a little dip in your bag or jacket, oh no. It’s all high tech now – RFID scanners operated in the shadows do the delving instead, extracting your credit card numbers remotely and allowing thieves to run off to buy… well, what do they buy? And where do they get it delivered, more to the point?

I will be looking at the latest gadgets for stealing money from people’s wallets in a later edition and, yes, that is just my little joke. But seriously, if you want to frustrate the new generation of electronic highwaymen, this not unstylish secure credit-card wallet, available in black, silver and blue, will shield your plastic from prying rays.

The Ogon RFID Wallet is made from aluminium and protects 10 cards from accidental demagnetisation as well.

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