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Smart Swipe

Online shopping just became even easier

Smart Swipe

February 27 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Since this is, I feel duty bound to bring you notice of this exceedingly boring but important gadget, because it makes it quicker, easier and safer to, er, spend it. And although the SmartSwipe looks and sounds a little dull, it also makes dispensing cash hither and thither rather enjoyable.

There aren’t many activities more tedious than typing credit-card details into a website. It’s stressful, too, because you are always aware of the possibility, however remote, that some tech-savvy weevil is tracking every keystroke and will, within seconds, be making hay with your plastic.

With the SmartSwipe, you become your own checkout. When you make an online purchase, you simply swipe your card through its jaws and your details are instantly transmitted to the vendor. The data is not only invisible, but also encoded and encrypted so, all being well, the criminal community, if it happens to be watching you, will be upset and cry.

Downsides. There’s only one, really – the SmartSwipe is currently PC-compatible only. Perfect for the compulsive online shopper, however.

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