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Gorilla-pad connector

You can keep using the tablets thanks to this extremely useful widget

Gorilla-pad connector

February 08 2011
Jonathan Margolis

A year ago almost to the week I was telling anyone who would listen that, beautiful as it was, the iPad was going to struggle to find a market. A few months later, last autumn, I was in first class on an inter-city train in China and noticed that six people were using iPads – seven including moi. And that’s in a country where they cost proportionately far more, even though they manufacture them.

Tablets, as Steve Jobs clearly had a hunch they would, are taking off, especially for the business traveller. I’m meeting more and more people who are leaving the laptop in the office and using their iPad (and lately, the Samsung Galaxy Tab et al) as an all-purpose on-the-move computer, a work, communications and entertainment centre in one, and with a prodigious battery life, too. That battery life isn’t quite prodigious enough for all of us, though, and the long charging time means you can still be caught short on the road. A big welcome, then, to this dull-looking but useful widget, which enables you to charge your iPad with your Powertraveller Powergorilla, Minigorilla and Solargorilla. A boring but important accessory on which you could grow to rely.

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