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This genius gadget is the world’s smallest jump-starting device


January 03 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Nobody is immune to the joy of a flat car battery these dank January mornings. To join the stranded drivers’ club, simply leave something on in the car the night before – or suffer from a spontaneously failed battery, which, equally, is no respecter of status.

You could start it with jump leads and get somebody else’s engine excrescences on your clothes, even if things under your own bonnet are pristine. Or you could carry one of those enormous portable battery starters you see in garages, which run out of juice at vital moments.

Or, you could take advantage of this genius gadget from Powertraveller. The StartMonkey200 is the world’s smallest jump-starting device. Measuring 174mm x 65mm x 52mm and weighing 660g, it’s a powerful rechargeable battery pack that will start an engine 15 to 20 times from one mains charge. More importantly, once charged, the StartMonkey200 can lurk dormant in your boot for up to a year and retain most of its oomph – though if you have an enormous engine, you may need the StartMonkey400, which comes out next month.