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Pipetto trifold iPad case

The iPad case that’s cutting a swathe through the better stores

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Pipetto trifold iPad case

December 17 2010
Jonathan Margolis

The use of iPads as business computers to supplant the laptop continues apace. So long as you don’t plan to write anything as long as War and Peace on your travels, it’s quite enough for work and play on the road. I bumped into Jerry Ranger, owner of Powercords (the Powergorilla guys) the other day and found that he was another iPad convert; he no longer takes a laptop on his extensive work trips.

Anyway, none of this quite solves the issue of what to put an iPad in that’s both protective and more stylish than Apple’s functional rubber case. So I return for the second time in a few months to the British Pipetto collection, designed in Notting Hill and made by young Canadian Chantal Therien – and currently cutting a swathe through the better stores. This is the patent-leather version of her trifold iPad case, which might appeal more to businesswomen than to the guys. It is also available in other cool and more masculine styles.

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