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Oregon DP200 projection clock

A new, more stylish version of this eye-catching device

Oregon DP200 projection clock

Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 14 2009
Jonathan Margolis

A few years ago, I featured a projection clock, the Oregon Scientific DP100, which particularly thrilled me because the orange digital time it threw onto the wall was sufficiently striking to make it almost the main feature in our living room. Its impact was increased by the diagonal angle at which we set it up, so the orange numbers appeared interestingly skewwhiff. The clock has continued to attract the admiration of visitors but, unfortunately, this year it began to lose its pixels one by one, to the point where it was more of a confusing, unreadable eyesore than an eye-catching timepiece.

So when I bumped into the Oregon people at a trade show recently, I mentioned this. Soon after, an early sample of the DP100’s successor, the DP200, arrived at Technopolis Towers. The DP200 is considerably better. The whole apparatus looks a lot more stylish. The clock is now radio-controlled, so the previously naff setting buttons are now redundant. And it shows the temperature both indoors and outdoors (via a sensor that lives outside), which is more useful than you might imagine.

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