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CEL Power 8 Workshop Duration WS2-D

It makes a marvellous present for a chap, even if he’s unlikely ever to use it

CEL Power 8 Workshop Duration WS2-D

November 30 2010
Jonathan Margolis

The wonderful comedian Michael McIntyre came up with the idea of the Man Drawer – the collection of screwdrivers, Allen keys, fuses and other practical stuff that every bloke, howsoever impractical, somehow gathers. A good number of us like to have a toolbox too. Mine contains tools I bought aeons ago, and virtually every time over the past 30 years I’ve needed to drill a hole, I’ve ended up buying a new Black & Decker.

This, then, would be an ideal Christmas present for a lot of men, even if it is bought in the near certain knowledge that they will rarely, if ever, use it. It’s just nice to own. A magnificently sturdy 16kg in its armoured box, the CEL Power 8 Workshop WS2-D contains a plethora of powerful but cordless tools, including a hammer drill and driver, circular saw, jigsaw, halogen light and much more. Yes, yes, I know your man isn’t known for using any of these, but trust me, he will enjoy having them all in one set. Probably.

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