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Doodle-Track Car

It’s time to bring horseplay back into the office

 Doodle-Track Car

November 14 2010
Jonathan Margolis

As you may have noticed, I do feel that the proper place for toys is in the office. Since the days of Newton’s Cradles clacking away on desks, I’ve believed that daft toys and creative thinking have a way of going hand in hand. They also break the ice in meetings and play a major part in office horseplay, of which there’s not enough these serious days.

This, then, is the Doodle-Track Car – a toy car with a built-in optical sensor that follows any track you draw with the supplied black marker pen. While young children I’ve shown it to aren’t that impressed, chaps from 25 to 55-ish find it wonderfully diverting. You and your staff may too – and if they don’t, it’s not exactly a major capital investment.

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