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Brother Max digital thermometer

Is it a cold, or is it flu? There’s only one way to find out

Brother Max digital thermometer

November 10 2010
Jonathan Margolis

The season of mists and mellow fluey-ness is well and truly upon us, bless it. And here’s a techie way to establish at your desk whether that sniffle you have really is “flu” – in which case you probably need to cancel all meetings – or just a bit of a cold in your “dobe”.

The Brother Max 3-in-1 digital thermometer is marketed quite heavily as a health product for babies, but is perfectly suitable for grown-ups. I don’t have any babies currently, but the sample they sent over (which isn’t going back, and neither do I imagine they want it back) is heading straight for my desk drawer.

The Brother Max is a particular boon for hypochondriacs as it is good for 3,000 temperature readings on one battery, from either ear or forehead; I assume the old under-the-tongue routine has fallen foul of health and safety or something.

The device is reassuringly complicated and very nicely made – especially for the modest price. The instructions are especially interesting, as they give the lie to the idea that there’s one body temperature called “normal” and a bunch of others that mean you’ve got “the flu”. And anyway, you probably haven’t.

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