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Ecco Pocket GPS key fob

It guides you back to your lost car – but watch out for walls.

Ecco Pocket GPS key fob

Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 04 2009
Jonathan Margolis

The Ecco Pocket GPS claims to be the world’s smallest satnav, and it’s hard to dispute as it takes the form of a key fob, albeit a hefty one, both in size (69mm x 37mm x 14mm) and weight (42g), which means with keys you feel like Mr Chivery, the Marshalsea jailer in Little Dorrit.

The gadget helps you find your lost car, hotel or bicycle to an accuracy of 10m. Once you’ve lost one of the above (I’m constantly losing hotels, especially in China), the Ecco will guide you back using arrows rather than mapping, so it will often require you to walk through walls. You can, of course, circumvent this by not walking through walls, but rather sticking to streets and letting the fob catch up.

Proof, if any were needed, that the thing I fear most – inventors running out of things to invent – remains an unlikely prospect. There are those who point out that a smartphone will also guide you back via its own satnav, but well, what the heck?

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