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iDapt i4

A vital tool in the struggle to achieve a tidier desk

iDapt i4

October 06 2010
Jonathan Margolis

An old Fleet Street editor of mine was at school with a rather thick boy called Griffith. (To be fair, Griffith wasn’t necessarily thick, but my editor regarded everyone apart from himself and possibly Stephen Hawking as idiots.) Griffith’s only talent, apparently, was that he always had a very tidy desk. One day, in their 40s, he and Griffith met on the Tube. (My editor wasn’t an editor then, you’ll gather.)

“Griffith, what are you doing now?” the not-yet-editor boomed.

“Oh,” Griffith replied, “I’ve just become a professor of medicine.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” my boss-to-be replied. “You don’t get a professorship just for having a tidy desk.”

You too can achieve a Griffith-style tidy desk – if not a tenured professorship – with this smart new update of the iDapt multi-charging unit I featured here a year ago. The iDapt i4 is a slick and well-designed universal dock that wouldn’t shame the best-bred office desk and will charge three gadgets from a pretty-well infinite range.

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