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Pipetto laptop sleeve

Another laptop/iPad case? Yes, but this one’s different

Pipetto laptop sleeve

October 11 2010
Jonathan Margolis

At a recent lunch for gadgetists showing off their wares for the Christmas season (sorry to hit you with the C-word this early, but you know how it is), I was approached by an exhibitor, who insisted, “Your readers would love my cases for the iPhone, iPad and MacBook.” Chantal Therien, a 27-year-old Torontonian formerly in the movie business, is as glamorous as her name. I explained that I could build a house from the iPad cases I get sent these days – none of them interesting and few nice. Still, I saw her range – the brand is called Pipetto – and... blow me down, her stuff does have something really special.

I chose this example: a faux-worn-out zip case in a 15in laptop size. It’s practical, cool, affords true protection to your baby and is made from pretty good leather. I can see how, in a crazily crowded market, Ms Therien is gathering prime positions in fancy stores.

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