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EyeFi Pro X2 WiFi SD card

A brilliant idea for transferring photos – but will anyone ever use it?

EyeFi Pro X2 WiFi SD card

Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 03 2010
Jonathan Margolis

When a camera SD card fills up, I take it out, slot it into my laptop and transfer the photos. It takes 30 seconds. When this, the first SD card that beams photos out wirelessly, arrived, I thought, “Hurrah! No more wasting 30 seconds.” So I put the Eye-Fi Pro X2 in a camera. When I needed to download some photos, I looked at the instructions, thought, “This is going to take way more than 30 seconds” – then took out the card and did it the old way. A brilliant feat of technology, fitting a Wi-Fi transmitter and aerial into a little card, but I bet you’d never use it.

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