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Apparently this new French toy is “the face of the dawning era of interactive objects”


Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 03 2009
Jonathan Margolis

You’re very likely wondering what this plastic internet-connected rabbit with waggly ears, which comes from France but has an Armenian name, is. So am I, and I’ve had the benefit of playing with it for a week and engaging in a lengthy but fruitless Franglais dialogue about it with Jean-François Kitten in Paris, who works for Violet, the clever company that has persuaded John Lewis to go galactic with the thing for Christmas.

The Nabaztag:tag is simply the quirkiest, Frenchest thing I have ever experienced. If it has a purpose, it is something existential and beyond me. John Lewis’s website explains that it can be made to read out your e-mails, give you the weather forecast – and marry other Nabaztag:tags online, and there’s some good stuff about it on YouTube. Apparently it is, “the face of the dawning era of interactive objects”. Well I never. Your kids may understand it. If they’re French, anyway. My remaining life is too short to be bothered.

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