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Zipcharge Quick Charger

It brings your phone back to life in moments

Zipcharge Quick Charger

Image: Hugh Threlfall

May 08 2010
Jonathan Margolis

You’re rushing to leave home, office or hotel, you do the usual pre-exit status check (wallet, keys, mobile) and with five minutes to go you look at your phone and, yep, you forgot to charge it. Dead. As. A. Dodo. You try the desperate, “If I plug it into the mains for five minutes, I’ll get enough for a few calls…” No, you won’t. You’re stuffed. Kippered.

But no longer. The amazing new ZipCharge can suck up enough power from the mains in just 60 seconds to power a mobile for 15 minutes’ talk time, or eight hours on standby. Give it a still-paltry 15 minutes of the 220v AC treatment and it’ll have enough oomph inside it to fully charge your iPod or mobile, or to give your iPhone 43 per cent of a full charge. It’s compatible with practically everything, too, and comes with all the necessary adaptors.

One caveat, perhaps. The ZipCharge is not as small as you might like, at 112mm x 23mm x 23mm and weighing 140g. So it’s not one that you can slip into a jacket pocket. But that serves you right for not charging your phone, doesn’t it?

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