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Ewbank Raycop antibacterial vacuum

A dusty old name in dirt-fighting comes up with a serious piece of kit

Ewbank Raycop antibacterial vacuum

April 26 2010
Jonathan Margolis

The estimable Eddie Izzard had a routine on those push-along Ewbank carpet sweepers your grandmother would use that creased me up. Izzard called it a Hodededeededede – a good rendition of the sound of their uselessness.

Ewbank of Burnley, Lancs, still makes manual cleaners (and I’m sure they work fine now), but this serious piece of electrical dirt-fighting armoury is more impressive. It’s a mattress cleaner, designed to zap the asthma-creating nasties in bedding, by deploying vacuum suction, vibration and ultraviolet light. The Raycop claims to zap 99.9 per cent of bacteria, “helps eradicate” dust mites and is approved by The British Allergy Foundation. Not a glamorous piece of kit, but one that could improve your life.

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