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Undercover laptop bag

It’s a cunning disguise for that precious laptop

Undercover laptop bag

April 16 2010
Jonathan Margolis

As the amount of stuff on my laptop expands, my paranoia about losing it all grows. I’m now backed up four times, with backup drives in different locations, and can’t believe that some people still don’t do this to some extent. Losing hardware alone is less terrifying, but I still take care not to leave my laptop visible when I’m away from home or hotel room.

The Undercover Laptop Bag is disguised as a manky old padded envelope (though, in reality, it is made out of tear-proof, waterproof material) and has been launched as a way to hide a laptop of any size (eight to 17 inches) when you’re out and about. It’s a not un-brilliant way to disadvantage the burgling community. But you – and the cleaner – might have to be careful not to throw it out...

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