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Jotnot Scanner

For a tiny price, an iPhone can become a document scanner

Jotnot Scanner

April 11 2010
Jonathan Margolis

The funny thing about iPhone applications is the number you buy and never use, then one you hap on turns out to be genuinely useful. I often need to copy documents on the fly, but have never come across a decent mobile scanner.

Then, by accident (as is so often the case with apps, there being well over 100,000 now), I found this – JotNot, which turns your iPhone camera into a miniature scanner, no less.

You wouldn’t think the camera on an iPhone is really up to picking out every word in a document, but JotNot works remarkably well. It converts the photo you’ve snapped into a pdf – no small software feat, that – which you can then e-mail on from where you stand. Someone receiving it can then run it through optical character recognition to convert it to text.

JotNot is quite a complex little app. You can even edit your instant scan on the phone to straighten it and cut out extraneous background. So it’s worth spending more than the customary 10 seconds learning how to use it. I did, and have been using JotNot a lot, and it works. It’s also great for industrial spies. So if you routinely leave confidential documents lying around, be suspicious henceforth of clients bearing iPhones.

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